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Your Mohel…Rabbi Jay M. Bauman, M.D.             ב''ה  

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Rabbi Jay Bauman, M.D. is a mohel of vast experience, stemming from many years of his widely known and respected medical and surgical/obstetrical practice located in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, New York.  The vast array of halachic laws relating to the performance and practice of brit milah were extensively studied and mastered by Rabbi, Dr. Bauman, along with the esteemed Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Chaim Schabes, of Monsey, New York.  In this regard, all brit milah carried out by Rabbi Jay Bauman, M.D. is carried out according to all halachic laws and seamlessly integrated with the latest medical and surgical standards, including sterility of the instruments as well as disease prevention in the newborn. 

Rabbi Bauman, M.D. is an active member of Congregation Orach Chaim in Manhattan and board member of Aish HaTorah’s Manhattan Westside Center. 

At this time, he is dedicating his time to writing shiurim (course material) on ‘The Laws and Practice of Milah,’ for Yeshiva Perchai Shoshanim in Jerusalem.  This material will not only be a translation and comprehensive review of the laws of brit milah stemming the centuries of halachic literature, but will also include an understanding of those medical conditions found in newborns preparing to undergo milah. To be certain, a mohel must be expertly versed in both the halachic (knowledge about Jewish law) and medical aspects of milah (prevention and treatment of complications).

Rabbi Bauman, M.D. has performed thousands of brit milah in the Tri-State New York area, Long Island, Connecticut. and the east coast, both  on babies and adults alike.  His Brit Milah ceremony is conducted in the most professional manner, both in synagogues, homes and other locations, both in observant as well as non-observant families, though maintaining all Jewish laws and traditions.

As an experienced mohel and physician, you will be secure in having Rabbi Jay Bauman, M.D. at your side and you can be certain that there is no substitute for the experience of a surgeon and mohel, experience that one only acquires with time. 

You, the parents that are preparing to arrange your son’s brit can remove all the worry from your hearts as your son will be in the good hands of a most professional mohel.  His most unique and professional personality radiates throughout to induce a certain type of calm and holy atmosphere and will turn the occasion of the performance of the mitzvah of brit milah into a special and wonderful day that you will not ever forget.

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