1. Prior to the circumcision, please check with your pediatrician as to
    the health of your baby; i.e. jaundice, fever, feeding difficulties.

  2. DO NOT feed your baby for three (3) hours prior to the circumcision.
    Feeding the baby may lead him to vomit during the procedure.

  3. You may choose to put EMLA (anesthetic cream) on his foreskin one hour prior to the circumcision.

  4. Speak to your pediatrician prior to the circumcision and inquire as to the amount of either Tylenol or Motrin your baby may need afterward, if necessary.

  5. Bring with you the following: several newborn diapers (disposable),
    1 tube of Bacitracin and a bottle (if needed) to feed him immediately afterwards.
  1. Please keep 2 diapers on him for the first 24 hours; this functions as
    a pressure dressing. Each time you need to change and clean him, replace the diapers with 2 more.

  2. Keep Bacitracin all around his penis for 7 days following the circumcision;
    this is an antibiotic and will keep the diaper from sticking to his penis.

  3. You may bathe him with warm water with/without unscented Dove,
    as soon as the umbilical cord has fallen off. You may clean the edge
    of the "cut" with a clean wipe (without alcohol).

  4. A white film may develop on the cut edge of the penis. This is normal. If redness extending down to his belly is seen, profuse bleeding or fever develop, please call Dr. Bauman immediately.

  5. Please let Dr. Bauman see the baby within a week after the circumcision.
  Jay Bauman, M.D.  
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