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Preparations For Brit:                                                    

Prior to Brit:
Permission from your pediatrician

      • Please inform your pediatrician about your plans to have brit performed and obtain verbal permission
      • Your son should weigh at lease 2400 grams (5 pounds, 4.5 oz.)
      • Baby’s penis must be noted by pediatrician to appear normal
      • Bilirubin level should be under 14mgs.
      • To be certain, Rabbi Doctor Bauman will check the penis prior to the brit
      • Please do not nurse or bottle feed your son within two hours prior to the scheduled brit

      Please Prepare and Bring to the Brit Ceremony:
    • Large and comfortable pillow
    • Minimum of three disposable diapers
    • Baby wipes (without alcohol; aloe ok)
    • Baby bottles (even if nursing)
    • Tallit for father of baby and Sandak
    • Kippot for men
    • Kosher wine (red or white) and opener
    • Two stationary chairs & table
    • Tube of Bacitracin or Neosporin (five or six more will be needed for the week following brit)
    • If you desire to use Emla Cream prior to brit, please let Rabbi Doctor Bauman be aware  so he may give you proper instruction for its application
    • Please choose a setting that will be too crowded, pleasant temperature
    • It is good practice to keep your newborn isolated from your guests, whenever possible, before and after brit to reduce his chances of contracting an illness

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